Disability Access Statement

We look forward to welcoming you to Tyn shettin lodge, we live on site and will try to help in any way we can to ensure you have a wonderful but safe holiday, we are not trained carers so unfortunately cannot help in any lifting or aspects of care.

Tyn shettin lodge is a converted old cattle barn and although we have tried to make ourselves as accessible as possible we do have some limitations. We can send you photos of anything in the lodge and around the lodge and any extra measurements you may require.

Hoists and medical beds can be arranged at your expense and we can take delivery if you organise from your end. Unfortunately, we cannot supply these items due to insurance and health and safety issues.

Cars can turn into the drive from the main road, the first part of the drive is only wide enough to get the car in and the driver or passenger door open, this would not be suitable for a wheelchair user to get out, however if you are travelling alone if you give us your eta or phone us when you are 15 mins away we will open the gate for you.

The drive is 10ft wide with hedges either side, this is approx.40ft long. This leads to a metal gate that is 10ft wide with a spring bolt at 3ft high on the left and the gate pulls towards you.

There is then an 80-meter open driveway to the lodge, disabled access parking is straight in front of you, our house is on the left, this is an open bay which leads straight to the external door and into the downstairs bedroom, wet room and living area. Please park wherever suits you best but please do not park over any gates, doors or fire escapes. There is a semi-permanent ramp going into the lodge, it is a very low ramp and only lifts you over a 3” lip and straight onto a flat floor. The door is UPVC 35” wide and 75” tall with a lever handle and normal lock and key at 35” from the top of the ramp.

Outside to the left of the lodge there is parking for a further 2 cars with enough space to get a wheelchair out, this is through a 12ft wide wooden gate which again can be left open for you, it is there more to keep in any pets, the front bay is 16ft wide and concrete, to the side of that there is a 10ft wide piece of grassed area(AstroTurf), the second is 12ft wide and the drive is 40ft long all in concrete. There is automatic sensor lighting in this area and is well lit.

If you think these spaces are not big enough you can park anywhere on the property providing you do not block any vehicle, access to gates or our home.

From the drive there is a wheelchair ramp to your right that leads down to the paved seating area and the back of the house where the living area is, The ramp is 45 inches wide or 41 inches wide from the handrail to the wall and the handrail is 33 inches from the ground and is situated on the right hand side, It is a metal handrail and the ramp is concrete, the ramp is 13ft long with a very slight slope. The paved area is paved in welsh slate so although flat they are not completely smooth, the area is 8 meters wide and 16 meters long. There is a hot tub at the far end of the area on the right that looks out across the fields, access to the hot tub is up two portable PVC steps, you cannot sit on the side of the hot tub so if you cannot walk up steps and then step straight into the hot tub then it is probably unsuitable for you to use, there are no handrails on or around the hot tub. The controls to the hot tub are digital and located on the side. The hot tub measures 2 meters by 2 meters.

Beyond the paved area is a smoking area and a place for dogs to toilet, unfortunately this area is not suitable for wheelchair users or people who are unsteady on their feet as this is part of a field and is not flat, entry is also down one concrete step. If you cannot use this area then you are permitted to smoke to the rear of the lodge but please dispose of any smoking related items responsibly, we are not here to clean up ash and cigarette ends, they also pose a risk to our livestock.

If access is not gained through the bedroom at the front of the property then access can be gained into the living area by a portable metal non slip ramp that can stay in position for the duration of your holiday, the doors are bi-fold and can be fully opened or you can go into the single door in the bi-folds to the right and the gap is 33 inches wide. These have normal lever handles and keys for entry There is a very small 20ml lip to go over going over the threshold, we have a rubber ramp in place that bridges the gap going into the living room, this is 2.5 inches high. The living dining and kitchen area are all open plan, with plenty of room to manoeuvre, the living area is first then the dining then the kitchen or the other way around if coming through the kitchen door, the kitchen door leads out to the courtyard and parking area, unfortunately this is not suitable for wheelchairs as it has a 1ft high concrete step to exit or enter, the UPVC door measures 3ft wide. The whole of the downstairs area is tiled. Underfloor heating throughout so no radiators on this floor. Any rugs or runners on the floors can be removed prior to your stay if requested. The furniture is all moveable. The tv is on the wall to your left as you go through the patio doors, the log burner is also on the left-hand wall, the fire is 38” high 22” wide and the handle is at 15”, there is a fireguard to use. Once we get you settled in, we can move any furniture around as needed.

The living area is 14ft by 14ft, it has two sofa’s each sit 3 people, the seat height is 18 inches. There is a small coffee table 2ft by 3ft and 18” high in front of the sofa’s that can either be moved to one side or removed before arrival. This leads to the dining area, this is 9ft long by 14ft wide, there is an oak dining table that seats 6, both ends of the table can be folded down to give more room. There is plenty of room around the table for wheelchairs, the table measures 3ft wide and 6ft 6” long, and the seat height of the chairs is 17”, also in the dining area on the same wall as the tv and fire is a sideboard that contains games etc, this is 34” wide and 58” long with 3 doors and 3 draws on the front.

This then leads into the kitchen area, fridge, freezer, wine cooler, dishwasher and washing machine are all at ground level and built in , there is plenty of floor space, the kitchen measures 11ft wide and 14ft long, the counters are 37” high, cooker 37” high, the cooker is induction and the hob part is touchscreen, the oven is worked by round knobs on the front. The Belfast sink is 35” high with swan

neck mono tap. The gap between the counters is 6ft by 12ft. The window is above the Belfast sink and has shutters.

The height of the kitchen ceiling is 20ft, the dining and living area has a head height of 6ft 7” dropping to 6ft 2” where there is a beam (2 places).

All lower plug sockets are at 16” and light switches are at 44”, sockets in the kitchen are just above the counters.

The downstairs wet room and bedroom are down a corridor leading from the living area, this has sensor lighting and will light up as you go, the corridor is 7ft long and 34” wide, on the left is a staircase leading up to the double bedroom and shower room.

As you enter the downstairs bedroom area you go through an oak door which is 33” wide with a keypad on it at 58” high, you will be given the code when you arrive, this will be changed on a weekly basis for security reasons, you do not have to use this lock if it’s not required, there is also a thumb latch to enter, once inside the wet room is to your left, the door frame is set at an angle to assist in entering, the door is oak again with a thumb latch to enter, there is a lock on the inside however for safety reasons this lock can be opened from the outside in an emergency situation. The latch is 48” high and the lock is 54” high, the door width is 33”.

The wet room floor is non slip Altro flooring with a LRV of 50 measured in accordance with BS8493.2008 it is plain and non-reflective. The wet room is fully accessible in a wheelchair, it is an L shaped design and the room measures 8ft wide and 11ft long. The room contains an under stairs cupboard that contains the raiser seat, ironing board and cleaning equipment.

The sink is on the right-hand wall, it is lowered and wall hung, it is 30” high, mono tap with easy levers on both sides. There is a 12” handrail to the right of the sink. Large glass mirror above the sink that can be covered if required.

On the back wall we have the toilet, this is a raised toilet and stands at 17” high at the seat, there is also an additional riser seat available that is 4” high. Please let us know prior to your arrival if you would like this fitting. The flush is push button on top of the cistern. As you sit on the toilet there is a handrail to your left, it is set at an angle, 28” at the lowest point and 38” at the highest, to the right of the toilet is a drop down double rail, the top rail at 32” the bottom at 24” and a length of 28”. The toilet roll holder is mobile so can be moved to wherever suits.

To the left of the wet room is the shower area, it is 4ft by 4ft but open plan with the rest of the room, there is a drop down seat at 19” high, 18” wide and 15” deep on the right hand wall, a 2ft hand rail to the left of the seat that is 34” off the ground, there is a 1ft rail to the right of the seat that is 32” off the ground, there is a rail that the shower head sits on, this is also a grab rail load bearing up to 150kg, the bottom is 37” off the floor, 78” high and is 40” long. The shower unit can be reached from a sitting position.

The shower is an AKW Smartcare plus electric shower, with thermostatic control for safe and stable temperature and auto shutdown which switches off after 30 minutes to prevent accidental flooding, easy push button controls with braille for power, temperature and flow, the shower is set to 42 degrees so no chance of scalding, long 2m hose and easy adjust riser rail with multi-mode shower head that can

also be moved to a fixed bracket closer to the drop down seat if required, RNIB tried and tested and BEAB CARE certified. There is a hot towel rail behind the bathroom door, well away from the shower area, this can be switched off if needs be. The windowsill is situated between the toilet and shower and is 39” high and 19” deep and has frosted glass.

As you come out of the wet room you turn left into the bedroom, the bedroom is a 14ft by 14ft square, going clockwise around the room on the left-hand wall 1. there is a TV mounted on the wall and underneath the TV there is a 5-draw unit that is 39” high, this has tea and coffee making facilities on top however these can be moved across the room to wall 3. to the dressing table that is lower at 28”. To the left of the drawers there is a tub chair, seat is 20” high, wall 2. there is a UPVC door 35” wide and 75” tall leading out to the disabled car parking bay and the courtyard you entered the property by, then a window, this is set back as the walls are very thick, the windowsill is 39” high and 23” deep, there are plantation shutters on the windows. Wall 3. there are 2 single zip and link beds that can zip together if required to make a king size bed. They are 27” high. These beds are moveable depending on how much floor space is required, in between the beds there is a 28” dressing table which has 3 low draws and a fixed mirror on top, reading lights above each bed with a switch by the headboard. Wall 4. Has a small built in wardrobe at the bottom of the right-hand bed, 2ft by 2ft, oak door with a thumb latch at 48” high, rail inside at 62” with hangers and a small shelf above. To the right of that we have a full-length mirror attached to the wall.

Light switches at 44” and sockets at 16”. All underfloor heating. Emergency lighting, smoke alarms and sprinkler system throughout the lodge.

If you are accessing this room from outside where the disabled parking is there is a semi-permanent metal ramp that can stay in situ throughout your holiday, this is a very low ramp with no lips, there is no drop or lip on the inside of the door. Photos and video can be supplied upon request.

Going back through the corridor the stairs are now on your right, these are standard stairs, there are 12 steps in all which leads onto a small landing to the right, the handrail up the stairs is to your right, the stairs are carpeted, you go through an oak door with a key pad on it, you will be given a code upon arrival, the room is 18ft long and 14ft wide, light switches at 44” and sockets at 16”. Fully carpeted, as you go into this room to the left there is a full length mirror attached to the wall, there is then a low beam that you will have to duck under its 52”high, this is part of the roof structure and could not be removed! It certainly adds character! wall 1 is to your left, there is a very low window on this wall, these are 10” from the floor, there are shutters on the windows and the glass is safety toughened glass with child proof locks, this looks out over the gardens and stables, going clockwise around the room on the back wall we have a central double oak sleigh bed at 24” high with 2 reading lights above, to each side of the bed there are bedside cabinets 25” high and to the side of those situated in each corner there is a tub chair with the seat at 20”, the TV is situated on the beam opposite the bed. On wall 3 which is the right hand wall there is another low window, this looks out over the seating area, our horses fields and the stunning rolling hills, there is nothing to see but beautiful countryside! To the right of the window there is a draw unit with 5 draws at 39” high with tea and coffee making facilities on top. On wall 4, there is a double radiator 5ft wide and 31” high with thermostatic valves, to the right of that we have the shower room door, the shower room is an L shaped room, 8ft wide and 9ft long, on the left wall 1. There is a heated towel rail, these get very hot, if this is an issue it can be turned off, going clockwise on wall 2 there is a sink unit at 31” with mono tap, small cupboard underneath so no access for a

wheelchair underneath, on the wall to the right of the sink is 2 small wooden shelves, wall 3 and tucked back in the corner is the toilet, this is a normal height toilet at 17” and a push button flush on top of the cistern, there are no handrails in this room, wall 4. has the Insignia hydro-massage walk in shower cabin, this is highly spacious rectangular shaped at 4ft long and 3ft wide, there is a step into the shower of 3” and there are 2 sliding doors, there is a monsoon overhead rain shower as well as a hand held shower head, there is a cluster of 6 hydro-massage jets, there are 3 controls which are labelled, on/off, heat, jets and overhead deluge, there is a digital display that plays radio and music. The shower room floor is wood effect laminate. To the right of the shower door is a built-in wardrobe with an oak door and thumb latch at 44” the rail is 69” with 6 hangers

Bedroom 3 is not accessible from inside the lodge, access is gained from a metal staircase situated to the left of the kitchen door, these are non-slip steps and there is 12 steps in all with a platform at the top, there is a handrail on both sides of the steps, this leads to a UPVC door, the door has a low beam so taller people may have to duck to get inside, the door is 33” wide and 65” high, there is a step up into the room this is 19” long and 14” wide, there is a small area that is covered in laminate flooring and the rest of the bedroom is carpeted, going clockwise, on the left wall 1. There is a full length mirror attached to the wall, there is a 5 draw unit at 39” high with tea and coffee making facilities on top, and a tub chair at 20”, on wall 2 there are 2 single beds at 27” in each corner with a window and 2 bedside cabinets at 25” in between them, the window has shutters and looks out over the beautiful welsh hills. On wall 3. There is a Velux window with remote control blind, to the right of that the TV is attached to the wall, the beams in this room are higher and you can walk under them, there is then a dressing table at 28” with a fixed mirror and a stool, this has 3 draws in it, on wall 4 there is a full size double radiator with a thermostatic valve and another tub chair at 20”, this wall then leads to the bathroom, the bathroom is 5ft wide and 11ft long, on the left wall 1. Is a heated towel rail, these do get hot but can be switched off if required. On wall 2 there is a sink and toilet unit at 32” high, the toilet is 18” high at the seat, there are cupboards underneath the unit so no wheelchair access, on wall 3 there is the free standing bath, this is filled by a mono tap and has a hand held shower head attached, there are 1ft hand rails on either side of the tap. He bathroom floor is wood effect laminate. Outside of the bathroom door to the right there is a built-in wardrobe with the rail sat 56” and a large shelf above.